We are a manufacturer of compressed wood pellets produced from sustainably managed working forests

Headquartered in Monroe, LA with operations across the Southeastern US, Drax Biomass Inc. employs innovative manufacturing techniques to produce high quality pellets that can be shipped safely and efficiently around the world for use as a renewable, low-carbon fuel.

Our pellets allow electric utilities to reduce their dependence on coal, lower carbon emissions and provide new sources of safe, reliable and affordable power. Led by an experienced team of operations professionals, Drax Biomass is committed to supporting the communities in which we operate by promoting sustainable forestry and investing in local economic development.

Drax Biomass is a subsidiary of Drax Group plc, which is playing a vital role in helping to deliver a better future by changing the way energy is generated, supplied and used.

Where we operate

Drax Biomass operations are strategically located in the Southeastern U.S., providing ready access to large tracts of responsibly managed working forests, modern infrastructure and an available workforce of trained loggers, wood haulers, plant operators and other critical specialties.

We own and operate three manufacturing plants that convert locally sourced wood fiber into compressed pellets. Both plants are located in areas hard-hit by recent consolidation in the pulp and paper industry, resulting in a surplus of low-value wood from harvesting operations.



Our operational management team has been based in the Louisiana city since 2017. It is located between our two Louisiana pellet plants, Morehouse and LaSalle.

Morehouse BioEnergy

Morehouse BioEnergy is located in northeastern Louisiana near the town of Bastrop. The plant was commissioned in August 2015 and sits on 138 acres of land. Morehouse BioEnergy maintains a workforce of more than 60 employees, and can produce up to 525,000 metric tons of pellets annually.

Amite BioEnergy

Amite BioEnergy is located in southwestern Mississippi in the town of Gloster. The plant was commissioned in August 2015 and sits on 62 acres of land. Amite BioEnergy maintains a workforce of more than 60 employees, and can produce up to 525,000 metric tons of pellets annually.

LaSalle BioEnergy

Located in the central Louisiana town of Urania, LaSalle BioEnergy was built in 2015 and then purchased by Drax Biomass in April 2017. The 285-acre wood pellet manufacturing facility will employ over 70 employees and can produce approximately 450,000 metric tons of wood pellets per year. In November 2017 LaSalle BioEnergy began start up production.

Baton Rouge Transit

Baton Rouge Transit is located on the Mississippi River at the Port of Greater Baton Rouge in Port Allen, Louisiana. The facility was commissioned on September 5, 2014, and dispatched its first vessel on April 6, 2015. It is the closest deepwater port to Drax Biomass’ three plants and was custom-built to process and ship up to two million metric tons of pellets annually, including pellets manufactured by other producers.

In partnership with Host Terminals, Baton Rouge Transit maintains a workforce of 10. At peak operation, the Transit Facility will be capable of loading approximately 40 vessels per year.


Management team
  • Pete Madden, President and Chief Executive Officer

  • Greg Martin, Senior Vice President, Operations

  • Richard Peberdy, Vice President, Sustainability

  • Beth Hanlon, Vice President and General Counsel

  • Dean Hilderhoff, Senior Vice President, Human Resources

  • Alan Brand, Vice President, Finance and Information Technology

  • Ben Garnett, Vice President, Biomass Procurement and Sales

  • David Marks, Director, Communications and Policy