Catchment Area Analysis of Forest Management and Market Trends: Morehouse BioEnergy

The Drax Forestry team assesses report illustrating that our North Louisiana pellet plant sits in a well-established working forest landscape dominated by saw-timber and pulp & paper markets

The aim of this analysis is to evaluate the trends occurring in the forestry sector around the plant and to determine what impact the pellet mill may have had in influencing those trends, positively or negatively. This includes the impact of increased harvesting levels, changes in carbon stock and sequestration rate, wood prices and the production of all wood products.

Read the full report: Morehouse, Louisiana Catchment Area Analysis. A summary by the Drax forestry team is here. An interview with the co-author, Amanda Hamsley Lang, COO and partner at Forisk Consulting, can be read here

This is part of a series of catchment area analyses around the forest biomass pellet plants supplying Drax Power Station with renewable fuel. Others in the series include: Amite BioEnergy.

Explore every delivery of wood to Morehouse BioEnergy using our ForestScope data transparency tool.